About Us

Lanluis, an active player in the essential oil industry since 1997, has embarked on a mission to provide the best products for preventing and improving women's cycle and breast-related problems with its signature series "Female Physiological Care" and "Breast Care", which are widely adopted by beauty and massage centres across the globe.

With the clear vision of "awakening the inner beauty and health of women", Lanluis has been a strong advocate of nutritional management, emotion regulation, body and skin care. Through providing a series of related products and knowledge sharing, Lanluis is able to help women grow in confidence and live with grace. We believe "beauty derives from healthy lifestyle and habits" and that women's lifelong pursuit of body, mind and soul alignment speaks to our core corporate values.


Our Philosophy
In today's fast paced world, attaining work-life balance becomes a struggle to many, we forget to slow down and take notice of all the beauty around us. The body is the mirror of our soul, love yourself first and everything else including your mind, soul and body will fall into place. A good place to start will be understanding the importance of a balanced diet, exer- cising regularly and finding the body skin care routine that works for you in order to prevent premature skin aging and physical decline.


Our Mission
Besides menstrual health, skin care and breast care, Lanluis also pays a great deal of care to menopausal syndrome. Once women reach this critical stage, their body will go through changes of various sorts including physiological condition, mental health and skin condition that will last many years to come. That is why women should start preparing earlier for the inevitable challenges ahead.

For the longest time, Lanluis has been focusing its energy on developing professional body skin care products that caters exclusively to beauty centres around the globe. Due to its escalating demand, a series of personal care products was launched in the consumer market. To meet the diverse needs of our female consumers, Lanluis makes every effort to promote the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle through the use of skin care products, aromatherapy, dieting, exercising and menopause care on our website and through media outlets.


Our Collection
Our products combine purely herbal ingredients with certified raw materials for product optimisation. Besides product excellence, we also believe that aesthetics plays a key role in delivering the most memorable customer experience. To truly live beautifully inside out, adopting a holistic approach is pivotal for developing the well-being of women.
1. Breast care series
2. Menopause care series
3. Antioxidant facial care series
4. Aromatherapy and spa series
5. Supplement series