Why eggs are the best ingredient when it comes to losing weight??

Why eggs are the best ingredient when it comes to losing weight??

Eggs have always been the best ingredient when it comes to weight loss and weight management, it is also one of the most healthy foods that you can consume.

Here are some reasons why eggs are so weight-loss friendly:

1. Low in calories
The most obvious way to lose weight is to reduce daily calorie intake. One whole egg has only 74 calories, yet it is full of nutrients. On top of that, eggs are very filling due to the high protein content.
Studies show that eggs paired with vegetables are the killer weight-loss meal, as it contains protein, fiber, and a lot of other nutrients, with a low calorie profile. It was also shown that egg meals with fibers can promote the feeling of fullness and reduce the desire to eat after the meal, so as to prevent unhealthy sneaking time.

2. Increase metabolism rate
As eggs are a perfect balance of all essential amino acids, our body can easily utilize this high protein content for metabolism.
Having a high-protein meal can help boost up metabolism rate and prompt more calorie burning, which leads to weight loss, that is because our body has to burn extra calories for metabolizing the proteins.

3. Eggs are great for breakfast
Eating eggs for breakfast is a great way to start the day, as eggs can provide us all kinds of nutrients early on in the day, and it is also very beneficial to weight loss.
Compared to a carbohydrates based breakfast, egg based breakfast can promote the feeling of fullness, satiety, and a lower desire to eat midway through lunch. That is because eggs contain 2 hormones (PYY, and GLY-1), these 2 substances can help to control our appetite and desire to eat.
A lot of experiments and research have been conducted to investigate the difference of adapting a carb based and protein based diet, the result all leads to one thing, a protein based breakfast leads to greater satiety, less hunger, and a lower intake of calories.

4. Attainable and affordable
incorporating eggs in our diet is extremely easy: eggs are affordable, easy to buy in your local supermarket, and can be prepared in a timely manner.
Eggs can be cooked in a lot of different ways, but boiling them without adding any fats is the healthiest way to reduce calories intake, and promote weight loss.
Two boiled eggs and some vegetables for breakfast is the best breakfast to start off your weight-loss journey.

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